ZONG Call Packages All in one, Daily, Weekly, And Monthly Packages

Zong Pakistan is providing cheap call packages. Zong call packages are much affordable. when we compare these packages to other networks like Mobilink Jazz, Ufone, and Telenor. Zong call packages are better in terms of every aspect.

Previous we give you complete information of  Zong SMS Packages, Zong Internet Setting, and Zong Internet Packages. Now, Let’s see the detail of Zong Call Packages.

zong call packages
zong call packages

Zong Call Packages

Here is a complete List of Zong Call Packages Which we explained Below:

  1. Zong Hourly Call Packages
  2. Zong Daily Call Packages
  3. Zong Weekly Call Packages
  4. Zong Monthly Call Packages

ZONG Daily Call Packages

To fulfill Customers needs Zong is providing the following  Zong Daily call Packages:

  1. Super Student Bundle
  2. Daily Shaandar Offer
  3. Daily Unlimited Offer
  4. Student Bundle
  5. Student Bundle
  6. Hello
  7. Flutter
  8. Full Gup
  9. Sixer Plus
  10. Non-Stop Offer
  11. Perfect Package


ZONG Super Student Bundle

Super internet Bundle is providing unlimited Zong to Zong calls with 30 MB free for the internet, it is awesome package in the ategory of zong call packages, Please remember in mind offer is applicable for 120 minute, Time will start from activation, Detail ZONG Super Student Bundle is given below:

 Price 5+tax
 No. Of On-Net Minutes Unlimited
 Included 30 MB
 Validity Next 2 hours From Activation
 Activation Code *5555#
 Deactivation Code N/A


ZONG Daily Shaandar Offer And Daily Unlimited Offer

ZONG Daily Shaandar Offer And Daily Unlimited Offer Both are providing Unlimited On-Net calls in list of zong call packages, ZONG Daily Shaandar Offer is cheap as compared to Daily Unlimited Offer and providing more benefits such as 500 SMS/50 MB internet surfing, Below are complete detail:

 Package Name Daily Shaandar Offer Daily Unlimited Offer
No. Of On-Net Minutes Unlimited Unlimited
Price 8+tax 12+tax
 Validity 1-day Midnight  Same day
Included 500 SMS, 50 MB 1 MB
Activation Code *999# *522#
 Deactivation Code N/A N/A
 Offer Not applicable – –



ZONG Student Bundle And ZONG Hello Package

Zong student bundle is providing 120 Minutes in just 3 Rs, Please remember in mind that you can not use 120 Minutes all day, it should be used within 2 hours of activation Zong Student Bundle package is cheapest call package is list of zong call packages, Here is a detail of Zong student Bundle and Zong Hello Package:

 Package Name Student Bundle Hello
No. Of On-Net Minutes 120  100
Price Rs. 3+Tax Rs. 8+Tax
 ValidityNext 2 hours From ActivationSame Day Midnight
Included – 100 SMS, 50 MB for Facebook
Activation Code *3000# *2200*1#
 Deactivation Code – Unsub to 4952
 Offer Not applicable6pm to 10pm –


ZONG Flutter Package And Full Gup offer

Zong Flutter package is providing 90 minutes for all day, if you want to make call for a day, this package will suit you, its belongs to budget package in ZONG call packages list, here is a complete detail of ZONG flutter Package and Zong Full gup offer:

 Package Name ZONG Flutter Package Full Gup offer
No. Of On-Net Minutes90 Minutes  75 Minutes
Price Rs. 8+Tax Rs. 5+Tax
Validity Same Day Midnight Same Day Midnight
Included 100 SMS 100 SMS, 30 MB for WhatsApp
Activation Code *369# *118*1#
 Deactivation Code Unsub to 369 Unsub to 1181
 Offer Not applicable N/A N/A


ZONG Sixer Plus offer And ZONG Non-Stop Offer

If your calls never end, these two packages will fulfill your dreams, never worry about minutes, Make long calls as you want Zong Sixer Plus offer and Zong Nonstop offer will provide you unlimited Minutes, Here is a complete detail of Zong Sixer Plus offer and Zong Non-stop offer:

 Package Name Zong Sixer Plus offer Zong Non-Stop Offer
No. Of On-Net Minutes Unlimited Unlimited
Price Rs. 8+Tax Rs. 10+Tax
ValiditySame Day Midnight Same Day Midnight
Included 500 SMS
Activation Code *666# *777#
 Deactivation Code Unsub to 666111 Unsub to 7141
 Offer Not applicable 6pm – 6am 7pm – 10pm


ZONG Perfect Package And ZONG All In One

Zong perfect Package is a for one day and Zong all in one package is for one week. Weekly package will provide you 500 minutes with 500 MB data, If you want unlimited calls then Zong perfect package is just perfect for you, Details are given below:

 Package Name ZONG Perfect Package ZONG All In One Weekly
No. Of  Minutes Unlimited ON-Net 40 off-net, 500 ON-Net
Price Rs. 12+Tax Rs. 95+tax
Validity Same Day Midnight 7 Days
Included 500 SMS, 40 MB 500 SMS, 500 MB
Activation Code *118*2# *6464# > 4 > 1
 Deactivation Code Unsub to 7171 Same procedure
 Offer Not applicable 7pm – 10pm –

ZONG Weekly Call Packages

Below are all Zong Weekly Call Packages:

  1. Shaandar Haftawaar Offer
  2. Weekly Unlimited Offer
  3. ZONG All In One (Which we already explained above)

ZONG Shaandar Haftawaar Offer and ZONG Weekly Unlimited Offer

These are two best weekly packages, Zong Shaandar Haftawaar Offer and ZONG Weekly unlimited offer are awesome, below is the complete detail:

 Package Name ZONG Shaandar Haftawaar Offer ZONG Weekly Unlimited Offer
No. Of On-Net Minutes 1000 Unlimited
Price Rs. 75+tax Rs. 63+tax
Validity 7 days 7 days
Included 50 off-net, 1000 SMS, 350 MB 150 SMS/day
Activation Code *7# Send “PK7” to 522
 Deactivation Code N/A N/A
 Offer Not applicable – –


ZONG Monthly Call Packages

Here is a list of ZONG Monthly Call Packages:

  1. Supreme Offer
  2. Monthly Unlimited Offer
  3. Shandaar Mahana Offer
  4. All-in-1 Monthly 500
  5. All-in-1 Monthly 599
  6. All-in-1 Monthly 799


ZONG Supreme Offer and ZONG Monthly Unlimited Offer

Zong supreme offer and Zong Monthly unlimited offer will give you rest, there is no need to subscribe packages, again and again, Here is a complete detail:

 Package Name ZONG Supreme OfferZONG Monthly Unlimited Offer
No. Of On-Net Minutes 3000 Unlimited
Price Rs. 750 Rs. 255+tax
Validity30 days30 days
Included300 off-net, 3000 SMS, 3000 MB500 SMS/day
Activation CodeDial *3030#Send “PK30” to 522
 Deactivation CodeUnsub 750” to 6464Unsub to 522
 Offer Not applicable N/A N/A


ZONG Shandaar Mahana Offer And ZONG All-in 1 Monthly 500

ZONG Shandaar Mahana Offer And ZONG All-in 1 Monthly 500 both are giving approximately 1 GB of data with Zong to Zong and Zong to other networks minutes, it is also providing SMS, If you pay once, there is no need to pay again and again for calls, SMS, and internet, Given is detail:

 Package NameZONG Shandaar Mahana Offer ZONG Weekly Unlimited Offer
No. Of On-Net Minutes 10001500
Price Rs. 300+tax Rs. 500+Tax
Validity30 days 30 days
Included100 off-net, 1000 SMS, 1000 MB150 off-net, 1500MB, 1500 SMS
Activation Code*1000#*Dial *6464# > 4 > 2
 Deactivation CodeSend “unsub Mahana” to 7091Same
 Offer Not applicable N/A N/A


ZONG All In 1 Monthly 599 and ZONG All In 1 Monthly 799

These are two most heavy packages in the list of Zong call packages, Zong all in one monthly 599 will be charged you Rs 599+Tax while Zong All in 1 Monthly 799 will charge you 799+ Tax per month, Here is complete detail of ZONG All In 1 Monthly 599 and ZONG All In 1 Monthly 799:

 Package NameZONG All-in-1 Monthly 599ZONG All In 1 Monthly 799
No. Of On-Net Minutes UnlimitedUnlimited
Price Rs. 599+tax Rs.
Validity30 days30 days
Included2 GB, 500 SMS/day4 GB, 500 SMS/day
Activation CodeSMS home1 to 6565SMS home2 to 6565
 Deactivation Code N/A N/A
 Offer Not applicable N/A N/A


Terms and conditions:


  • Student Package validity is 120 minutes
  • Midnight mean that All zong call packages can be used till 11:49 Pm same day
  • Remember in mind these prices are without tax
  • Only Zong has rights to change any Package without any prior notification
  • All zong call packages validity is described in detail
  • Dial *6464# a menu will appear press 4 and subscribe package All in One Weekly Package.
  • All Packages Price are without tax, Tax will be charged
  • All Prices are without tax, it’s mean tax will be added also.
  • You can also Dial *6464# to select different zong call packages.
  • Dial *102# to watch remaining Data, Minutes and Messages of zong call packages.

Above all Packages are belonged to Zong, if you are not on Zong Network you have to visit, If you are on Ufone network Ufone Call Packages, and if you are Telenor network you have to visit Telenor Call Packages and if you are on Pakistan’s biggest network on Jazz you have to visit Jazz Call Packages.

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