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Zong SMS Packages Activation Code with Daily, Weekly and Monthly

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Zong is the 3rd largest network in Pakistan. it is providing 4G internet to the user. previously. As a matter of fact, it was the first network in Pakistan to introduce the SMS packages. However, Telenor Djuice was also providing the SMS packages but it never used the term unlimited as Zong did. Zong SMS Packages is awesome in every term.

ZONG SMS Packages
ZONG SMS Packages

Previously, we have posted the Zong Internet Packages, Zong Internet Setting, Zong Call Packages as well as Zong Postpaid Packages. Next, we are posting now the Zong SMS Packages.

Zong is providing Zong Daily SMS Packages, Zong Weekly SMS Packages, and Zong Monthly SMS Packages, Below are the detail of all Packages.

ZONG SMS Packages

Here is a list of All Zong SMS packages:

  1. Daily SMS + WhatsApp Bundle
  2. ZONG Zulu SMS Bundle
  3. ZONG Weekly SMS Bundle
  4. ZONG Monthly SMS + Whatsapp Bundle


ZONG Daily SMS Package With Whatsapp

If you have an android mobile and if you really want chat on WhatsApp this package is best for you, Dial *700# the Menu will appear, Press 1 and activate this Package Daily SMS + WhatsApp Bundle, Here is a detail of  ZONG Daily SMS + WhatsApp Bundle:

 Price  Rs. 3.99 + Tax
 SMS  500 SMS/day
 MMS  100 MMS/day
 Internet  1 MB
 WhatsApp  30 MB
 Validity  Midnight same day
 Auto-recursive  Yes
 Activation Method  *700#
 Unsubscription Method  Unsub to 700


ZONG Daily SMS Package

Dial *704# or Send SUB to 704 via to activate this bundle, this package is also known as Zulu SMS Bundle, Remember in mind that this bundle is not included WhatsApp, Here is the detail of Zong daily SMS package:

 Price  Rs. 3.99 + Tax
 SMS  500 SMS/day
 MMS  –
 Internet  1 MB
 WhatsApp  No
 Validity  Midnight same day
 Auto-recursive  Yes
 Activation Method  *704#
 Unsubscription Method  Unsub to 704


ZONG Weekly SMS Package

Also known as Weekly SMS Bundle To subscribe, just dial *702# Or SMS Sub to 700 and follow  Zong weekly Package, Below are all detail of Zong weekly SMS Package:

 Price  Rs. 14 + Tax
 SMS  1,200
 MMS  –
 Internet  1 MB
 WhatsApp  200 MB
 Validity  7 days
 Auto-renew  Yes
 Activation Method  *702#
 Unsubscription Method  Send unsub to 700


ZONG Monthly SMS Package

Also Known as Monthly SMS + Whatsapp Bundle Dial *705# or SMS to Sub to 700 and activate Zong Monthly Package, here is detail of Zong Monthly Package:

 Price  Rs. 50 + Tax
 SMS  500 SMS/day for 30 days
 MMS  –
 Internet  –
 WhatsApp  30 MB/Day
 Validity  30 days
 Auto-recursive Yup! Offcourse
 Activation Method  *705#
 Unsubscription Method  Type Unsub and Send it to 700



Instruction For Zong SMS Packages activation:

  • No doubt, 19.50% Tax will be charged on activation of any Zong SMS Packages
  • You can Also activate these Packages with just simply Type ‘Sub’ and send it to 700 and follow instruction
  • Zong has right to change its packages without any notice

If You Are Not Zong Customer:

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