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Why should Pakistan Never attack India

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Pakistan stock exchange reached at its threshold recently, the economy of Pakistan is suffering. Pakistan is an already in FATF grey list, a one-step will lead Pakistan to the disaster situation. Pakistan cannot afford a war, even war can be beneficial for India.

First of all, if we will attack, the attention of the world will be on war not on Kashmir, Pakistan will be culprit state and bundles of sanction will be imposed on Pakistan.

A man walks past Rapid Action Force (RAF) soldiers standing guard in Jammu, India, Friday, Aug. 9, 2019. The restrictions on public movement throughout Kashmir have forced people to stay indoors and closed shops and even clinics. All communications and the internet have been cut off. Prime Minister Modi said late Thursday the situation in the region would return to normal gradually. (AP Photo/Channi Anand)

Look at the examples from history, In 2001 Taliban govt refused to give Osama bin Laden to America, they did not estimate the facts and figure, and did not comply with US, my opinion is not that they should handle Osama bin laden to America, at least they can ban that organization and inform Osama bin Laden to escape. But they did opposite, it’s now 18 years has been passed since Afghanistan and their poor people are suffering.

Look at the Arab countries whenever they try to conquer Israel, the opposite happened. Instead of occupying the land of Israel they lost land to Israel.  Same can happen if we will attack India, he can escalate it more with the name of self-defense, and will try to snatch Azad Kashmir. Arab and other countries are suffering, the situation has been changed, modern countries are adopting modern warfare.

If Pakistan will not attack, it will be a benefit for Pakistan. If Kashmiri people fight on their own, and Pakistan support them from the backdoor and give courage to them on every international platform, that is the safest thing to do.

People share images and video on social media, the other state will also see what’s happening in Kashmir. In the past congress gives many rights to their states, now the opposite is happening. In another state the same kind of liberation movement is already happening by this act they will feel more insecure and the intensity of their movement will increase, by this disintegration of India can start.

Even Kashmiri are brave people, the movement of liberation was not succeeded in the past because some of them were loyal to India due to their secular image, but this act gathers them on the same page. Even in India, many protests are happening in support of Kashmir.

By looking at these kinds of facts and figure, Pakistan should never attack India. Let the fight for Kashmir legally and self of determination prevail.

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