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Here is why Pakistan Should Attack On India

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Pakistan should attack India, without using nukes. India is a signatory of “No first use”, so there will be only conventional war. It will take 7-15 days when UNSC will intervene and negation will start and we will find a permanent solution.

Apart from war, we have no other option, if not then next attempt of India will be to attack Azad Kashmir and annex it.

India will build more dams, if we are unable to attack now for Kashmir, do you think that we will attack for dams?

We are managing about 6 lakh active duty army personals despite poverty and unemployment, even our economy is not allowed to allocate such a large budget for the army.

Do you are fool enough to consider that UNSC will intervene and we will find Kashmir back? Or policymakers and govt are making us fool by saying that we will are contacting international organizations.

If we will attack now, Kashmiri people are suffering now will give their support, Pakistan army will get support from civilian, they should wage now before people accept that decision.

The international organization will not intervene because the Indian army has control over Kashmir, they are not even allowed to come out from home. International organization intervenes when a large number of casualties happening and condition like a civil war.

Agree or not, but India was demanding from Pakistan to remove safe haven for Islamic militant, they were afraid of Mujahedeen. They were thinking that if they attack, there will be really unrest in India. That’s why they were demanding to remove terrorist first then we will negotiate.

While talking about to get favor from a superpower, they even not help us when we are their allies, and the relation between them and India was not good. So once again we are behaving like foolish people. The main reason Pakistan lost Bangladesh was army was not fighting furiously, they were looking at helping either China will intervene or the US, but none of these happen. Although China helps us, it was in the material sense but we expecting China to intervene.

We Should move forward on our own, and we should fight a war for our right and Kashmiri people freedom. Do it not for yourself but for your generation.

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