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2500 GRE Most Used Words And GAT Vocabulary With Sentence

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2500 GRE Most Used Words and GAT Vocabulary with Sentence are all in one pack which will boost your level of English, We have collected these words from well-reputed news source e.g. New York Times, Washington Post and Forbes etc. Whatever GAT is conducted by NTS or ETS, you will get your dreaming marks.

2500 GRE Most Used Words And GAT Vocabulary With Sentence

Abasement to lower so as to hurt feelings My stepmother is an evil woman who likes to abase little children because she had a miserable childhood herself.
Abate to reduce in degree or intensity I hope this medicine will abate the pain in my leg.
Aberration straying away from what is normal A person with one blue eye and one green eye is said to have a genetic aberration.
Abet help/encourage somebody (in doing wrong) The photo editing software is sure to abet my odds of winning the photo competition.
Abeyance suspended action Immediately following the terrorist attack, pilots had to observe a period of abeyance where they could not depart from the airport.
Abhor to hate; to detest I abhor liars.
Abide be faithful; to endure I find it difficult to abide the narrow-minded attitude of a prejudiced person.
Abjure promise or swear to give up, to give up a belief or an activity In order to marry the peasant he loved, the prince made the decision to abjure his title.
Abraded rubbed off; worn away by friction, to produce damage or irritation by scraping, rubbing, or crushing The wool blanket abraded my legs and gave me a rash.
Abraid to awaken or rouse, to rub or wear away especially by friction pent cause abraid
Abrasion a spot or area that has been scraped or harshly rubbed When the little boy fell off his bike, his only injury was a small abrasion on his right leg.
Abrasive unlikeable; nasty Because of Kurt’s abrasive personality, most people try to avoid him at work.
Abrogate repeal or annul by authority You cannot abrogate anyone’s right to free speech!
Abscission the natural shedding of parts of a plant Abscission of leaves occurs during autumn, before winter sets in
Abscond to go away suddenly (to avoid arrest) Do you think he has plans to abscond with the stolen money?
Absolution setting free from guilt, sin or penalty; forgiveness of an offense The killer got on his knees and begged for absolution at his execution.
Abstain restrain oneself from doing or enjoying something Because of my health, I am going to abstain from the consumption of alcoholic beverages.
Abstemious indulging only very moderately in something, especially food and drink. Although my husband is normally abstemious with his money, he will buy a ticket to a football game in a minute.
Abstruse difficult to comprehend; obscure Some of the classic novels are too abstruse for beginning readers to understand
Absurd ridiculous, silly, foolish Spending the week in jail for stealing a loaf of bread is an absurd punishment for such a minor crime.
Abut border on gardens abutting Great Prescott Stree
Abysmal extreme bad Since Troy did not study for the test, he earned an abysmal score on the exam.
Acarpous effete no longer fertile; worn out, not producing fruit; sterile; barren my land is acarpous now
Acclaimed welcomed with shouts and approval Since her last movie, the amazing actress has won national acclaim and several Hollywood roles.
Accolade praise; approval, an acknowledgement or an award The Medal of Honor is the highest accolade a soldier can win.
Accorded agreement or concurrence of opinion Because all the members were already in accord, the council decided to cancel the meeting.
Accretion the growing of separate things into one, act of increasing by natural growth The accretion of traffic accidents and drunk driving was attributed to the opening of the new downtown mall.
Accrue accumulate, increase I thought I was getting a good deal, but as the hidden fees began to accrue I found I was actually paying more.
Acknowledge to confirm or admit the truth about something If you want to be forgiven, you should acknowledge your mistakes to the priest and ask for mercy.
Acolyte a person assisting a priest in a religious service or procession, assistant she runs the department through a small group of acolytes
Acquiesce to agree or express agreement The administration decided to acquiesce and let the students have a dance.
Acrid bitter and unpleasant in taste or smell For some reason, the orange had an acrid taste I found quite bitter.
Acrophobia Fear of heights Since Hank suffers from acrophobia, he has never flown on an airplane.
Acuity sharpness in relation to thought, vision, or hearing In order for my daughter to get into the school’s gifted program, she had to take a mental acuity test.
Acumen Keen, quick, accurate insight or judgment John’s business acumen, along with his computer skills, made him an asset to the software company.
Adamant kind of stone; inflexible He is so adamant in his beliefs that no one can change his mind!
Adept very good at doing something that is not easy Although Stephanie seems to have a hard time in science, she is adept at solving math equations.
Administering to supply or give out something The nurse will administer pain medicine every four hours.
Admonish to scold; to warn strongly, or notify of a fault Do not admonish him for being gay!
Admonitory containing warning The teacher’s voice had an admonitory tone as she told the students to stop talking or lose recess.
Adorn add beauty; decorate George likes to adorn his office with expensive paintings so that everyone knows how wealthy he is.
Adroit clever or skillful The child was an adroit pianist at an early age.
Adulation great praise for someone, often more than what is deserved Although Jason was a famous celebrity, he was very uncomfortable with the adulation from his fans.
Adulteration making unpure; poorer in quality If you want to adulterate your alcoholic drink, you should add some water to it.
Adumbrate to create an outline or a faint shadow With assistance from the victim, the sketch artist will adumbrate a picture of the robbery suspect.
Adversity a difficult situation or condition; misfortune Because of the five-year drought, the farmer experienced a long period of adversity.
Advocate to publicly support a particular policy or way of doing things Any good doctor will advocate healthy eating for his patients.
Aesthete one who strongly appreciates beauty, art and music The art museum invited many art lovers to the opening, including a local aesthete.
Aesthetic concerning or characterized by an appreciation of beauty or good taste Would you mind giving me your aesthetic opinion of my new handbag?
Affable polite and friendly Instead of being such a jerk, you should try being more affable!
Affinity close connection; relationship Although Adam is very different than me, I have an affinity for him which I cannot describe.
Affirm to publicly verify something Tonight, the police will affirm the suspect’s identity on national television
Agenda a list of matters to be discussed at a meeting Without a clear agenda for what is to be accomplished I feel that the meeting will be a waste of time.
Aggrandize make great or greater in power, rank, honor, or wealth; increase Jack is a philanthropist who only supports causes that aggrandize him in the eyes of the world.
Aggravate make worse; irritate I left the party early so the noise would not aggravate my headache.
Aggressive pushy or forceful when trying to get others to believe or do something The aggressive vendor tried to force the tourists into buying his wares.
Agile active; quick-moving Because he practiced parkour, he was an extremely agile athlete.
Agility nimbleness and quickness of motion, both physically and figuratively The coach was amazed at Jim’s agility on the court, especially the way he switches direction without pause.
Agog eager/excited, filled with anticipation and excitement The little kids were agog as they waited for Santa Claus to arrive
Ail to cause pain, uneasiness, or trouble to. A common ail that afflicts people when they have a cold is a runny nose, but that is just one of the sinus issues that come along with that.
Aisle a clear path between rows of seating I walked down the center aisle of the theater searching for Henry, but could not locate him because of how dark the room was.
Alacrity eager and cheerful; readiness Having studied really hard last night, the student took the exam with alacrity.
Alchemy If there was a type of alchemy that could turn paper into gold, everyone on the planet would be rich. a kind of chemistry that is associated with changing something ordinary into something extraordinary
Alcove recess/partially enclosed place The alcove above the living room is the perfect place for the kids to hang out and play videogames.
Ale fermented alcoholic beverage similar to but heavier than beer a draught of ale
Aleck one who considers himself smarter than others, Aleck, Stupod Johan is a aleck person who thinks that he will won.
Alibi a reason or excuse why someone could not have done something While the witness claims the suspect was at the murder scene, the suspect’s alibi places him in another state.
Allay to make quiet or calm Last night, I spent over an hour trying to allay my daughter’s fears about the boogieman.
Allegation a claim or a statement saying someone has done something illegal or wrong, which is not necessarily based on facts The professor made an allegation of cheating against his student.
Allegiance duty support loyalty Standing opposite the flag, I placed my right hand on my heart to recite the pledge of allegiance.
Alleviate make (pain) easier to bear Take an aspirin to alleviate your headache.
Alloy to debase by mixing with something inferior Alloy wheels are made from a mixture of other metals, making them tougher.
Allure a quality that produces attraction Because I love the allure of the ocean waters, I enjoy spending time at the beach.
Allusion a statement that refers to something indirectly; an indirect reference While the president’s speech seems original, it contains an allusion to a speech made by another world leader.
Ally a friend; someone who is ready to help you When my friends were arguing, Carly was my ally and defended my actions.
Aloof reserved; indifferent Because Harry was aloof, he did not have many friends.
Altruism sincerely concerned about the well being of others The billionaire is an altruistic man who gives away millions of dollars every year to various charities.
Amalgamate mix; combine; unite societies The two companies will amalgamate in a mutually beneficial merger next week.
Amass to bring together a large amount To start a business, one needs to amass a huge sum of ready money.
Ambidextrous able to use the left hand or the right equally well The team manager was very excited when he heard that the new pitcher was ambidextrous and could throw a mean fastball with either hand.
Ambiguity something that does not have a clear meaning The poem’s ambiguity made it difficult for me to understand the author’s viewpoint.
Ambiguous doubtful; uncertain, confusing; difficult to understand Because his driving directions are ambiguous, I use my reliable map.
Ambivalent having both of two contrary meanings, uncertain as to which path to take When it comes to the election, I am ambivalent about the candidates
Ambrosial extremely pleasing to taste Ann burned an ambrosial candle to remove a foul odor from her house.
Ambulatory capable of moving around physically If Henry uses his crutches, he can be ambulatory.
Ameliorate improve; make better Scratching your eye will not ameliorate the itching
Amenable willing to comply or cooperate My husband never complains about anything and is amenable to all my vacation suggestions
Amiable being nice; displaying a friendly and pleasant manner I love going to my doctor’s office because his staff is so amiable!
Amity a supportive relationship between people or countries Because of the amity in our subdivision, everyone looks out for each other.
Amorphous having no clear shape or form Because the painting was amorphous, I had no idea what it represented.
Amortize end (a debt) by setting aside money, to the amount of a loan or debt by paying small payments over time The businessman was able to amortize his building loan by paying monthly payments on the first and the 15th.
Amusement entertainment Some cruel children hurt animals for amusement, but their actions rarely go unpunished, so they don’t enjoy it for long.
Anachronism something that doesn’t fit its time period, like if you say you’ll “dial” your smartphone In today’s computer world, a floppy disk is an anachronism.
Analgesic (of a drug) acting to relieve pain, pain killer an analgesic drug
Analogous similar Because my teacher is analogous to my mother, I have accidentally called her, “mom.”
Analogue a person or thing seen as comparable to another analogue signalsOR an interior analogue of the exterior world
Anarchy The state of a society being without authorities or an authoritative governing body. The young hikers fell into a state of anarchy when their guide went missing.
Anecdote a brief, often funny, telling of something that happened Jillian’s anecdote about her crowded flight made us all laugh.
Anesthetic a substance that induces insensitivity to pain, pain killer he trained as a medical technical officer, working in anaesthetics
Anguish severe suffering When my husband died, the anguish I felt was nearly unbearable.
Animosity strong dislike Why do you have such animosity towards me when I have done nothing to you?
Annex a new part of a building or dwelling Once the annex is built, we will move the Asian artifacts to that section of the building.
Annotate to add notes to a text or diagram in order to provide additional insight and understanding about something James decided to annotate his videos with voice-overs, which really added to the overall clarity of the content.
Annul to officially make something invalid, declare invalid the elections were annulled by the general amid renewed protests
Anodized coat (a metal, especially aluminium) with a protective oxide layer by an electrolytic process in which the metal forms the anode the anodized frames
Anomalous deviating from what is standard, normal, or expected an anomalous situation
Anomaly something unusual or unexpected None of the astronauts were able to explain the anomaly they observed in space.
Antagonism strong dislike Before the American Civil War, there was a great antagonism between the north and the south.
Antagonistic showing or feeling active opposition or hostility towards someone or something he was antagonistic to the government’s reforms
Antediluvian greatly out of date My daughter often tells me I wear antediluvian clothes that are way out of style.
Anthology a collection of writings The poetry club published an anthology of their favorite poems.
Anthropocentrism humankind as the central or most important element of existence when we assess animal intelligence we tend to take a very anthropocentric view
Antidote medicine used against a poison or a disease Because he was bit by a snake, they had to give him the antidote so he would survive.
Antipathy a feeling of dislike The source of my antipathy is my ex-husband’s new wife!
Antiquated dated; from the past Why would such a young woman wear antiquated dresses that make her look like an old lady?
Antiseptic very clean and free of disease-causing organisms The antiseptic bottles were boiled in hot water to prevent sickness to the baby during feeding time.
Antithetical direct opposing Before the women’s rights movement, most men were antithetical about the idea of women being their equals.
Apartheid brutal racial discrimination Apartheid was discrimination against Africans based on skin color or ethnicity.
Apathetic having little or no interest or concern The apathetic men were unwilling to do anything to save their families from the kidnappers.
Apathy a feeling of having no interest in or enthusiasm about anything The serial killer’s lack of apathy left even the judge speechless.
Aphorism a pithy observation which contains a general truth. The popular aphorism gives advice in a manner that is both witty and concise.
Aplomb self-confidence, confidence and skill shown, especially in a difficult situation; keeping your cool Because the negotiator handled the hostage situation with aplomb, the kidnapper released everyone without harm.
Apocryphal well-known but probably not true Scientists claim the apocryphal story about creation is not true.
Apostate one who abandons long-held religious or political convictions When John challenged his church’s views, the leaders began to see him as an apostate.
Apostrophe singn a punctuation mark (‘) used to indicate either possession
Apotheosis deification glorification to godliness, perfect example of something or the best point in one’s life or job I  consider the apotheosis of my career to be when I received CEO of the company.
Apparition a ghostly appearing figure Casper the Friendly Ghost is a cartoon apparition that even little kids can be comfortable with.
Appease make quiet or calm A simple apology will appease my wounded pride and make me feel better.
Apposite fitting for the situation or suited My daughter and I usually disagree about which clothing items are apposite for school
Appraise assess the value or quality of there is a need to appraise existing techniques
Apprehensive grasping understanding fear unhappy feeling about future With recent job cuts, Kate is apprehensive about losing her job.
Apprise give notice to inform Now that I no longer live with my parents I do not have to apprise them of my every move.
Approbation approval I need to write a powerful resume to gain approbation from an employor.
Apropos fitting; at the right time Because my bills were due, the financial gift from my father arrived apropos.
Apt well-suited; quick-witted, likely to do something Following his father’s footsteps, the architect was apt to take over the family business.
Aptitude the capability to do something well The aptitude test will identify your strongest areas in math.
Arabesque a complex ornate design, a graceful, Arabian design usually seen in metal, ceramic, or stone that resembles vines and leaves Arabesque gates with curving iron doors guarded the entrance into the garden.
Arable adequate for cultivating The soil in the front yard is arable and perfect for planting a rose garden.
Arbitrary not done for any particular reason; chosen or done at random If your bank charges you arbitrary fees, you should look for a new place to store your money!
Arbitrator an independent person or body officially appointed to settle a dispute the facts of the case are put to an independent arbitrator
Arboreal of connected with trees The frightened girl’s voice was shrill.
Arcane known or understood by very few The elderly teacher had an arcane way of teaching mathematics.
Archaic marked by the characteristics of an earlier period, very old or old-fashioned prisons are run on archaic methods
Archetype an ideal example that people often attempt to duplicate The teacher who won educator of the year is a role model for other teachers and is viewed as the archetype of educators.
Archive a collection of historical documents or records providing information about a place, institution, or group of people The archive was full of photographs, letters, and historical documents from WWI.
Ardor enthusiasm, great warmth of feeling; passion While Jane enjoyed spending time with John, she did not return the ardor he felt for her.
Arduous demanding great effort or labor; difficult Last semester was a piece of cake, but taking seven classes along with an internship this semester is going to be arduous!
Argot jargon; a unique language used by certain groups or people with a particular occupation The old woman could not understand the argot her granddaughter used to communicate with her friends.
Armada a fleet of warships During the war a country’s navy sent its armada to attack its enemy.
Arrant in the highest degree, complete, total, or utter (example: “arrant nonsense”) I couldn’t believe she was taken in by such arrant deception.
Arresting fascinating; striking in an eye-catching way The eye-catching painting was visually arresting to all of the art gallery visitors
Arrogance proud; superior manner of behaviour The businessman spoke with such boastfulness and arrogance, when he claimed that he was better than everyone else.
Arson illegally setting something on fire Fire investigators suspected arson when they couldn’t find an electrical source for the fire.
Articulate speak distinctly; connect by joints The interviewer asked me to articulate my potential contributions to the company.
Artifice a move made to obtain an advantage or trick someone The company’s artifice centers on lowering their prices to the point that no other company can compete.
Artisan skilled craft worker who makes or creates things by hand The artisan was handcrafting pieces out of oak to be sold at the market.
Artless natural an artless literary masterpiece
Ascend go or come up Bill is just a political intern right now, but he hopes to one day ascend to the presidency.
Ascertain get to know He told the story in such a strange way that it was difficult to ascertain his exact message.
Ascetic practicing self-denial; austere; stark, leading a life of self-discipline and self-denial, usually for spiritual reasons Jacob chose to live an ascetic life because of his strict religious beliefs.
Ascribe consider to be the origin of or belonging to, attribute a cause or characteristic The doctors tried to ascribe the baby’s condition to parental negligence, but tests showed that he had a rare virus.
Aseptic surgically clean, free from living germs that cause disease Due to the vicious dog bite, the bloody wound was cleaned with an aseptic wipe to prevent infection.
Ashes The solid remains of a fire. Only ashees left after house distroyed
Asperity roughness; harshness; ill temper; irritability When I was a teenager, my father used asperity when he spoke with all my dates in hopes of scaring them away.
Aspersion a false charge meant to harm someone’s reputation, slander Because I know Janice is a kind person, I cannot believe the negative aspersion about her.
Aspiration a dream of accomplishing something My husband and I share the aspiration of having a marriage that lasts a lifetime.
Assail attack violently If anyone ever talks negatively about Alex’s father, his response is to assail the person with insults.
Assay a test or assessment on something to determine what it contains The laboratory conducted an assay to quantitatively measure the presence of ore in the composition.
Assess to judge or evaluate the state or value of something The field test will assess the police candidate’s ability to perform under stress.
Assiduous diligent hard-working; sedulous, marked by care and persistent effort With an assiduous attitude, we will finish this project.
Assuage make something (pain desire) less In an effort to assuage angry customers, the store issued everyone a full refund.
Asterisk the mark * (e.g.. omitted letters) The asterisk next to the student’s name means he is set to graduate with honors.
Astringent substance that shrinks, acidic The sauce was way too astringent for my taste, as I dislike bitter flavors.
Astute clever quick at seeing to get an advantage The astute businessman went from rags to riches with one great idea.
Asylum place of safety Seeking asylum from their homelands, many people have fled to the United States in hopes of having a better life.
Atavistic something reverting to an earlier type Not surprisingly, Jake was an atavistic alcoholic like his father.
Atheist an individual who doesn’t believe in a higher power or god The atheist wrote a novel disproving the existence of a higher power.
Atonement repayment death of Jesus, compensation he submitted his resignation as an act of atonement
Atrophy to weaken in ability or function It was hard to watch my mother atrophy as she experienced the weakening disease of Alzheimer’s.
Attentive observant; watchful As a loyal husband, Barry is very attentive to the needs of his wife Drew.
Attenuate make thin; weaken; enervate the doctor suggested I take acetaminophen to attenuate my fever.
Attorney When Peter was wrongfully accused of murder, he hired the best criminal attorney in the state to plead his case. If you’re ever arrested, refuse to answer questions and ask to speak to an attorney.
Attune bring into harmony, adapt a society more attuned to consumerism than ideology
Audacious Bold The most successful people are those who are audacious and not afraid to take risks.
Augment to increase the size or amount of something Because I want to augment my income, I am thinking about getting a second job.
Augury omenl sign, a prediction or omen There are those who view the virus as an augury of the world coming to an end.
August majestic; venerable, much-admired and respected Because John is wealthy and the only son of an august politician, he is one of the country’s most sought-after bachelors.
Auspicious favorable successful prosperous, being a sign of future success; indicating a promising future His brilliant acceptance speech was an auspicious start to his political career.
Austere severely moral and strict simple and plain Even though she appeared austere, my teacher was a very kind woman.
Auxiliary helping; supporting Recently, a group of community members established an auxiliary committee to help the city find ways to restore landmarks
Avaricious desirous of wealth or advancement Even though the king had all the riches in his kingdom, this avaricious leader always wanted more.
Aver affirm; assert; prove; justify The team’s fans aver a new coach is needed because of the team’s losing record.
Aversion strong dislike Older people who are unfamiliar with computer technology often have an aversion to it.
Avert to stop an incident from occurring I always avert my eyes to avoid seeing the bloody movie scenes.
Avid eager; greedy, enthusiastic; passionate James is an avid supporter of any organization that is trying to improve the environment.
Avow admit; declare openly Because the man would not avow himself as a follower of the king in front of the villagers, he was sentenced to death.
Awe A feeling of amazement or fear An inexperienced teacher, I watched in awe as my mentor silenced the rowdy class.
Babble to chatter about something in a typically foolish or excitable way The gossiping women babble on and on about poor fashion choices.
Baleful harmful; ominous causing evil, hinting at possible harm or danger Before June hit Trina for talking to her boyfriend, she had attempted to warn her away with a baleful stare.
Balk refuse to comply While my dog loves to go for walks in good weather, he will always balk if he gets the slightest whiff of rain in the air.
Balm similar to a lotion that is used to soothe dry skin “Since my hands are dry, may I use your balm,” the girl asked her friend.
Banal boring because it contains nothing new and lacks originality I was bored to death because of his banal conversation.
Banality the fact or condition of being banal; unoriginality there is an essential banality to the story he tells
Bandy discuss lightly or glibly; exchange (words) heatedly The committee members will bandy about who should be in charge of making fundraising calls.
Bane something causing misery or death Since loneliness can be the bane of old age, it’s important to maintain friendships and family connections as we grow older
Baneful causing harm or ruin; pernicious; destructive If not cooked properly, the fish can be baneful to humans.
Bard verse-maker, or winner at Eisteddfod he was admitted as a Bard at the National Eisteddfod
Barrage artificial obstacle built across a river, a large volume of something, Dam The company spent millions on advertising in the hope that customers would barrage their call center with hundreds of requests for the product.
Barren not good enough; unable to have young ones without value After the bomb blast, the land around the area was completely barren.
Bask in enjoy warmth and light, to obtain joy from receiving praise or attention After a performance, the singer remains onstage for five minutes to bask in the audience’s adoration.
Bastion an individual or object dedicated to a belief or idea In the film, the princess believed the wise old man was her last bastion of hope.
Beatify to bless; make happy or ascribe a virtue to, to make beautiful, or to increase the beauty of To beautify the earth, citizens need to keep the grounds clean.
Bedizen to adorn especially in a cheap showy manner, dress up or decorate gaudily a uniform bedizened with resplendent medals
Befuddle puzzled; baffled My grandfather was completely befuddled by the smartphone I gave him.
Begrudge to be envious of what one feels another does not deserve Rick takes pleasure in earning his own money and does not begrudge the inherited wealth of others.
Beguile mislead or delude; cheat; pass time The car salesman tried to beguile the customer with an offer of free gas for a year.
Belabor beat hard, to emphasize an idea or suggestion too much in a way that becomes boring or annoying; to go on and on about something If you’re just going to continue to belabor the point, I’m going home.
Beleaguer to cause constant or repeated trouble for Jane’s ex-husband tries to beleaguer her by intentionally mailing her child support payments late.
Belie to give a false impression of Jason tried to belie the fact he was a lousy worker by showing up early at the office.
Belittle dismiss (someone or something) as unimportant. Rick is so conceited he tries to belittle his wife when she offers an opinion that differs from his viewpoint.
Bellicose inclined to fighting His bellicose behavior at the party ensured that he would not be invited again.
Belligerent (person nation) waging war, hostile; ready to fight My brother was always belligerent and ready to fight.
Bemoan to express displeasure As a military wife, I bemoan our country’s involvement in yet another war.
Benefactor person who has given help The anonymous benefactor did not want his church donation made public.
Benevolence wish or activity in doing good She was a benevolent woman, volunteering all of her free time to charitable organizations.
Benign kind and gentle When the doctor said my tumor was benign, I was so happy.
Benignity the trait of being gentle and nice The man’s benignity led him to become a missionary.
Benison blessing Every minister of each church said a benison in memory of the victims of a tragic train accident.
Bent sharpy curved, corrupt a piece of bent wire
Bequeath leave (property) to a person or other beneficiary by a will he bequeathed his art collection to the town
Bequest arrangement to give something at death Upon my death, my church will receive a large financial bequest from my estate.
Berate to yell at; to criticize or scold someone in a loud and angry way Shamefaced, the students sat quietly as Mrs. Garcia continued to berate them for the way they had treated the substitute.
Bereft rob or dispossess of something (material), deprived, To take something away (and keep it away); deny someone of something. When my husband died, I felt bereft of love and hope.
Beret A cap she was wearing Beret
Bestial like a wild animal or beast, exceptionally violent and cruel The attacker’s bestial assault left Henry in a coma.
Bewilder puzzle; confuse she was bewildered by his sudden change of mood
Bigot stubborn; narrow-minded person The bigot was a lonely old man who thought everyone was inferior to him.
Bilge bulge; the protuberance of a cask, the area on the outer surface of a ship’s hull where the bottom curves to meet the vertical sides.
nonsense; rubbish.
romantic bilge dreamed up by journalists
Bilk defraud, cheat,  to void paying money borrowed from others If those bullies at school continue to bilk Victor out of his lunch money, his father is going to enroll him in Karate classes.
Billowing swelling out or bulging The shoplifter tried to hide several goods under her billowing skirt.
Bizarre highly unusual The bizarre movie we watched last night was so odd we left the theater in stunned silence.
Blandishment flattery; coaxing, the use of flattery (sweet-talk) and enticements to persuade somebody gently to do something Even though the salesman produced every blandishment he could think of from his bag of tricks, his prospect wouldn’t be budged by his flattery.
Blandness lack of strong emotions, features, or characteristics the overall blandness of his performance in the match
Blas bored with pleasure or dissipation if something keeps blazing at you again and again, then you become blased about it.
Blatant noisy and rough, completely obvious, especially in an offensive manner When the judge heard the defendant’s blatant lie, he became very angry.
Blighted something that spoils or damages something, or a disease that affects plants I was looking forward to bushels of fresh, home-grown tomatoes, but a blight killed all my plants just before they became ripe.
Blithe cheerful; casual; carefree, carefree and unconcerned Sarah was so blithe about her father’s death that she had a party after his funeral.
Blowhard a boastful, brag the segregationist blowhards who would dominate the politics of my state for a generation
Blunder a clumsy or embarrassing mistake The 911 prank caller realized his blunder was serious when the police showed up at his door.
Blush for a person’s face to redden in color due to awkwardness or shame As the teenager’s friends would tease him about his love interest, he would blush with embarrassment.


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