University of South Asia Admission, Fee structure, Programs, Merit list

University of South Asia abbreviated as USA is the university in Lahore, Established in 2003 with General category. It is located in Punjab, charted by Government of Punjab and it is the Private sector university.

Before taking admission please read Google reviews and talk with ex-students, here is all detail you should check included Fee structure, Programs, Merit List of University of South Asia.

Proud History

In 1987 when the concept of private sector participation at the College Degree was uncommon, National University of Computer Sciences (NCCS) was developed as the very first Computer system training institution imparting most contemporary computer system education and learning in Pakistan. From 1987 to 1993, NCCS supplied Brief Programs as well as Diplomas to the pupils that would certainly supply them employable abilities transforming them from average BA level owner to a computer expert.

University of South Asia
University of South Asia

In 1993, NCCS started first ever level program in the field of Computer system Sciences in Pakistan, giving it the name of BCS (Bachelor of Computer System Sciences). NCCS showed 100,000 students in its 18 years of operations. In 1993, the college was awarded a charter with the standing of degree-granting organization with the name of “Institute of South Asia”. This charter was later on updated as well as was provided the standing of Degree granting college with an act of Parliament in 2005 and also was called “University of South Asia.”

University of South Asia is a viewpoint, an idea, as well as a belief that focuses on the phenomenon of “Change for Better.” USA thinks that we need to continually upgrade ourselves to keep pace with ever-changing demands of human growth. Our company believes that problems in the society must be determined; services prepared as well as cutting-edge programs presented to execute the options without any gap. It is our sentence that even the ongoing scholastic programs have to be kept under microscopic evaluation and also the curriculum be earned a living entity with an integrated with sensations of enhancement and also excellence. USA is identified to bring improvement in every aspect of human understanding.

University of South Asia Detail:

Name of University: University of South Asia
Also Abbreviated as: USA
Established Year: 2003
Main Campus: Laore, Chakwal
Other Campuses: Laore, Chakwal
Sector: Private
Charted By: Government of Punjab
Province: Punjab
Official Website: USA

Postal Address, Phone Number and Google Map of University of South Asia:

47-Tufail Road, Lahore Cantt.
+92-42-36672943, +92-42-366 50983, +92-42-36672942
+92-42-366 73394042, +92-42-36673701, +92-42-6672942


*Tip: Please read Google reviews, read comments on Facebook to know about student experience with them and check HEC website to confirm that University of South Asia is recognized or not, also confirm that HEC is attesting their degrees. Please remember in mind HEC has banned many universities in recent years.

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University of South Asia Admission, Fee structure, Programs, Merit list

University of South Asia admission
University of South Asia admission

Programs Offered and admissions


Merit List

Merit for undergraduate program is 65 percent, For M.Phil admission depends on entry test, Quota is also available for underdeveloped regions like AJK.

Fee structure

Faculty of Computer
Undergraduate programsPer Semester FeeTotal Fee
BACHELOR OF SCIENCE in Computer Science80,000640,000
BACHELOR OF SCIENCE in Software Engineering80,000640,000
Database Systems
Web Technologies
Mobile Applications
Game Programming
Social Media & E-Business
Graduate Programs
Master of Science in Computer Science75,000300,000
Post Graduate Programs
PhD in Computer Sciences80,000480,000
Undergraduate programsSemester FeeTotal Fee
Bachelors of Business Administration – BBA80,000640,000
Human Resource Management
Entrepeneureship and SME Management
Operations And Supply Chain Management
Graduate Programs
Master of Business Administration -MBA 1.575,000225,000
Master of Business Administration -MBA 2.575,000375,000
Master of Business Administration -MBA 3.575,000525,000
MBA Exacutive (Evening)
MS Management75,000300,000
MS Human Resource Management75,000300,000
MS Marketing75,000300,000
Undergraduate Programs
BACHELOR OF SCIENCE Acounting & Finance80,000640,000
BACHELOR OF SCIENCE Economics80,000640,000
Bachelors of Commerce – B.Com60,000480,000
Graduate Programs
Masters of Accounting & Finance75,000300,000
Masters of Economics – MS Economics75,000300,000
Masters in Commerce -M.Com75,000300,000
Undergraduate Programs
Bachelor of Civil Engineering125,0001,000,000
Bachelor of Electrical Engineering125,0001,000,000
Bachelor of Civil Technology40,000320,000
Bachelor of Electrical Technology40,000320,000
Specializations in Electrical Technology
Electronics & Electrical Systems40,000320,000
Electronics & Communication40,000320,000
BACHELOR OF SCIENCE Communication & Info Tech40,000320,000
BACHELOR OF SCIENCE Environmental Sciences40,000320,000
Electronics & Electrical Systems40,000320,000
Graduate Programs
Master of Civil Engineering75,000300,000
Master of Electrical Engineering75,000300,000
MS Electronics & Electrical Systems75,000300,000
MS Environmental Sciences75,000300,000
Post Graduate Programs
PhD Electrical Engineering80,000480,000
PhD Civil Engineering80,000480,000
Undergraduate Programs
Doctor of Physiotherapy70,000700,000
Doctor of Orthotics and Prosthetics60,000600,000
Doctor of Nutrition Sciences70,000700,000
BACHELOR OF SCIENCE in Food & Nutrition60,000480,000
BACHELOR OF SCIENCE Biotechnology60,000480,000
Graduate Programs
MPhil Public Health Nutritiony70,000280,000
MS/MPhil Physiotherapy70,000280,000
MPhil Nutrition & Dietetics70,000280,000
MPhil Biotechnology70,000280,000
Undergraduate Programs
Bachelor of Architecture90,000900,000
Bachelors of Building & Construction60,000480,000
Bachelors of Fashion Design60,000480,000
Bachelor of Interior Design60,000480,000
Bachelor of Textile Design60,000480,000
Graduate Programs
Master of Architecture60,000240,000
Master of Building & Construction60,000240,000
Master of Fashion Design60,000240,000
Master of Interior Design60,000240,000
Master of Textile Design60,000240,000
Undergraduate Programs
LL.B (5 Years)50,000500,000
Undergraduate Programs
BACHELOR OF SCIENCE Education60,000480,000
BACHELOR OF SCIENCE Political Sciences60,000480,000
BACHELOR OF SCIENCE Psychology60,000480,000
BACHELOR OF SCIENCE English Language & Literature60,000480,000
BACHELOR OF SCIENCE Media Studies60,000480,000
Specialization in Media Studies
Electronics Media(Radio,TV and Film)60,000240,000
Print Media(Newspaper,Magazines and Books)60,000240,000
Advertising and Public Relations60,000240,000
Graduate Programs
Master of Media Studies60,000240,000
Masters in Film and Media Studies60,000240,000
Master of Education60,000240,000
Master of Political Sciences60,000240,000
Master of Psychology60,000240,000
Master of English Language & Literature60,000240,000


Postal address and phone number

47-Tufail Road, Lahore Cantt.
+92-42-36672943, +92-42-366 50983, +92-42-36672942
+92-42-366 73394042, +92-42-36673701, +92-42-6672942

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