Telenor SMS Packages Daily, Weekly, 15 Days and Monthly SMS Package

Let’s discuss Telenor SMS Packages included Telenor Daily SMS Packages, Telenor Weekly SMS packages, Telenor Monthly SMS packages. Telenor is not an international company of Pakistan. It is international Company pioneering in providing digital service included data bundles and voice bundles. It has the largest network in Pakistan.  It is facilitating customer with prepaid and postpaid Packages.

Previously we discussed Telenor Internet Packages, Telenor Call packages, Telenor Postpaid Packages, Telenor Talkshawk Call Packages and Telenor Postpaid add-ons. Let’s now discuss Telenor SMS Packages.

Telenor SMS packages, Telenor Daily SMS packages, Telenor Weekly SMS packages, Telenor monthly SMS packages, Telenor Djuice SMS packages, Telenor Talkshawk sms Packages
Telenor SMS packages

Telenor SMS Packages

Here is all Telenor Daily SMS Packages

  • Daily SMS Bundle (For Talkshawk Customer) in Just Rs. 4.00 with 200 SMS
  • Daily Messaging Bundle (For Djuice Customer) in Just Rs. 2 with 300 SMS
  • Weekly SMS bundle in Rs. 7.00 get 1000 SMS for Talkshawk user
  • Weekly Messaging Bundle (Djuice) in Just Rs.10 with 1200 SMS
  • And other packages detail is also available, scroll down for more packages

Telenor Daily SMS packages

Below is all Telenor Daily SMS Packages

Daily SMS Bundle (For Talkshawk Customer)

Daily SMS Bunde for Telenor Talkshawk user is given below:

 Price Rs. 4.00
 SMS 200
 Activation Code *345*116#
 Validity 1 Day


Daily Messaging Bundle (For Djuice Customer)

Get 300 SMS in Just Rs. 2.00, Daily Messaging bundle is given below:

 Price Rs. 2.00
 SMS 300 SMS
 Activation Code *2*2*1#
 Validity 1 Day


Telenor Weekly SMS packages

Weekly SMS Bundle (Talkshawk)

In just Rs. 7 enjoy 1000 SMS whole week. Weekly SMS bundle detail is given below:

 Price Rs. 7.00
 SMS 1000
 Activation Code  Activate Using  My Telenor App
 Validity 7 Days


Telenor Weekly Messaging Bundle (Djuice)

If you are on Djuice customer, you can avail this offer, enjoy 1200 SMS in just 12 Rupee. Below is the complete detail of Telenor Weekly Messaging bundle:

 Price Rs. 10.00
 SMS 1200 SMS / 100 MB Whatsapp
 Activation Code *2*2*2#
 Validity 7 Days


Telenor SMS Minutes Bundle (Djuice)

If you love SMS chatting and also want to make some calls, this package will fulfill your needs. Here is all detail of Telenor SMS minutes:

 Price Rs. 11.95
 SMS 700 SMS / 12 On-Net Minutes
 Activation Code *345*105#
 Validity 7 Days


Telenor SMS packages, Telenor Daily SMS packages, Telenor Monthly SMS packages, TElenor Weekly SMS packages
Telenor SMS packages

5 Day SMS Bundle (Talkshawk)

Telenor 5 Day SMS bundle detail is given below:

 Price Rs. 7.00
 SMS 300 SMS
 Activation Code *345*015#
 Validity 5 Days


Telenor 15 Days SMS Package

15 Day Economy SMS Bundle (Talkshawk)

Telenor is offering 600 SMS for 15 days in just Rs 14.50 Dial *345*112#. All information is given below regarding Telenor 15 day economy SMS bundle:

 Price Rs. 14.50
 SMS 600 SMS
 Activation Code *345*112#
 Validity 15 Days


15 Day Messaging Bundle (Djuice)

For Djuice customers, here is all detail and activation code of 15 Day Messaging Bundle:

 Price Rs. 35.00
 SMS 3500 SMS / 200 MB WhatsApp
 Activation Code *2*2*5#
 Validity 15 Days


Telenor Monthly SMS Packages

Monthly SMS Bundle (Talkshawk)

Activate once, enjoy all month. Get 5000 SMS in just Rs. 40, Detail is here:

 Price Rs. 40.00
 SMS 5000 SMS
 Activation Code *345*363#
 Validity 30 Days


Monthly Messaging Bundle (Djuice)

See below instruction to activate Telenor Messaging Bundle:

 Price Rs. 40
 SMS 10,000 SMS With 300 MB For FacebookAnd Whatsappp
 Activation Code *2*2*3#
 Validity 30 Days


We have discussed Telenor SMS packages included Telenor Talkshawk SMS package and Telenor Djuice SMS packages. Moreover, if you do not belong to Telenor and finding some packages with affordable rate please visit Zong SMS packages, Ufone SMS packages, and Mobilink Jazz SMS packages.

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