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Telenor postpaid add ons-Call, Messages and internet add ons

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Telenor is providing best Postpaid Packages with best Telenor postpaid add ons, click Telenor Postpaid Packages to see its affordable postpaid packages. The user will get SMS, Call minutes and the internet all in one package. Please remember in mind all these Telenor postpaid add ons belongs to  Telenor Postpaid Users only.

Telenor postpaid add ons
Telenor postpaid add-ons

Telenor Postpaid add ons

Here is the list of Telenor Postpaid add ons:

  1. Any Network Voice Bundle 50 (Call add ons)
  2. On Net Bundle 100 (Call add ons)
  3. On Net Bundle 250 (Call add-ons)
  4. Any Network Voice Bundle 250 (Call add-ons)
  5. Any Network Voice Bundle 550 (Call add-ons)
  6. On Net Bundle 550 (Call add-ons)
  7. Postpaid Social bundle (Internet add-0ns)
  8. Internet 100 (Internet add-0ns)
  9. Internet 200 (Internet add-0ns)
  10. Internet 350 (Internet add-0ns)
  11. Internet 600 (Internet add-0ns)
  12. SMS Bundle 30 (Message add-0ns)
  13. SMS Bundle 60 (Message add-0ns)
  14. SMS Bundle 200 (Message add-0ns)


Telenor Postpaid Call add ons:

Here is the list of Telenor Postpaid call add-ons:

 Package Name  On-Net Minutes  Off-Net Minutes  Activation Code  Price
 Any Network Voice Bundle 50  –  40 Minutes  *345*821#  Rs. 50
 On Net Bundle 100  200 On-Net Minutes  –  *345*831# Rs. 100
 On Net Bundle 250  800 On-Net Minutes  –  *345*832# Rs. 250
 Any Network Voice Bundle 250  –  200 Minutes  *345*822# Rs. 250
 Any Network Voice Bundle 550  –  550 Minutes  *345*823# Rs. 550
 On Net Bundle 550  2500 On-Net Minutes  –  345*833# Rs. 550


Telenor Postpaid Internet add ons:

Here is a list of Telenor postpaid Internet add-ons:

 Package Name Activation Code Price Internet
Postpaid Social bundle  *345*486# Rs. 100+Tax Unlimited Facebook, Whatapp and Twitter
Internet 100 *345*481#  Rs. 100+Tax 150 MB
Internet 200 *345*482#  Rs. 200+Tax 300 MB
Internet 350  *345*483#  Rs. 350+Tax 600 MB
 Internet 600 *345*484# Rs. 600+Tax 4000 MB


Telenor Postpaid SMS add ons

Below are the list of all Telenor Postpaid SMS add ons:

 Package Name  SMS  Price  Activation Code
 SMS Bundle 30  250 SMS  Rs. 30+Tax  *345*761#
 SMS Bundle 60  600 SMS  Rs. 60+Tax *345*762#
 SMS Bundle 200  6000 SMS  Rs. 200+Tax  *345*763#
  • Remember in mind that, After usage of all minutes Rs. 1.40/ Minutes will be charged on same network call and Rs. 1.50/ Min on other network calls
  • Rs. 1.00 per SMS will be charged after consuming all SMS, Please activate Telenor postpaid add-ons for extra SMS
  • Rs. 1.024/MB will be charged for the internet after package
  • Dial *444# to check your balance and bill, if you check your bill  20 paisa+tax will be charged
  • 3G Package will work on both 2G and 3G network according to the area and signal, out of bundle 1.024 Rs. per MB will be charged.
  • Hangout, Line, Facebook video call, IMO, Facetime, Wikipedia, Skype and other social apps will be charged as per the 1.024 Rs. / MB.

If you are not Telenor Postpaid customer and if you are finding and want to convert your number to best postpaid packages, you can visit Zong postpaid packages, Ufone postpaid packages, and Jazz postpaid packages.



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