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Facebook twitter instagram
Facebook Twitter Instagram


25% Eid Discount is available until 30 Jun 2017


Here is the complete list of All-Packages we are providing:

Real Facebook Page LikesLifetime GuaranteedPKR Rs: 800
Real Facebook Page Likes (Indian)Lifetime GuaranteedPKR Rs: 1000
Facebook Post likesPage and ProfilesPKR Rs: 500
Facebook Post Likes (Love)Emoticons (Love)PKR Rs: 750
Facebook Post Likes (Sad)Emoticons (Sad)PKR Rs: 750
Facebook Post Likes (wow)Emoticons (Wow)PKR Rs: 750
Facebook Post Likes (haha)Emoticons (Haha)PKR Rs: 750
Facebook Post Likes (Angry)Emoticons (Angry)PKR Rs: 750
Facebook Video Views12 to 24 hours StartPKR Rs: 500
Facebook Post ShareNo ProfilePKR Rs: 750
Facebook Website Likes12 to 24 hoursPKR Rs: 1100
Facebook Followers Profiles200 to 300 / dayPKR Rs: 1800
Facebook EventsJoin/ConfirmedPKR Rs: 2000
Facebook Custom CommentsSubmit CommentsPKR Rs: 6000
Facebook USA 5 Star ReviewWithout text. Ask Price with textPKR Rs: 20,000
LQ Twitter FollowersTwitter Followers No GuaranteePKR Rs: 500
Twitter Followers ArabArab CountriesPKR Rs: 1000
Twitter Followers IndiaIndian FollowersPKR Rs: 1000
Twitter Followers JapanJapan FollowersPKR Rs: 1000
Twitter Followers USA10 days RefillPKR Rs: 1000
HQ Twitter Followers90 Days Refill GuaranteePKR Rs: 750
Twitter LikesTwitter LikesPKR Rs: 600
Twitter RetweetsTwitter RetweetsPKR Rs: 600
Twitter Poll VoteTwitter Poll VotePKR Rs: 3200
Real Instagram Followers2 Months non Drop GuaranteePKR Rs: 1000
Instagram Followers30 Days Refill GuaranteePKR Rs: 600
Real Instagram Followers WorldwideLifetime GuaranteedPKR Rs: 1000
Instagram Followers USANo RefillPKR Rs: 1200
Instagram Followers ChinaNo RefillPKR Rs: 1200
Instagram Followers South AmericaNo RefillPKR Rs: 1200
Instagram Followers RussiaNo RefillPKR Rs: 1200
Instagram LikesInstagram LikesPKR Rs: 600
Instagram Likes South AmericaSouth AmericaPKR Rs: 600
Instagram Likes USAUSAPKR Rs: 600
Instagram Likes UKUKPKR Rs: 600
Instagram Likes ChinaChinaPKR Rs: 600
HQ Instagram ViewsInstagram ViewsPKR Rs: 400
Instagram Views USAInstagram ViewsPKR Rs: 600
Instagram Views ChinaInstagram ViewsPKR Rs: 600
Instagram Views ArabInstagram ViewsPKR Rs: 600
Instagram Random Comments(Hashtags, Mentions, Emojis)PKR Rs: 6000
YouTube Views20k Speed / DayPKR Rs: 300
YouTube Views High SpeedOver 100k/dayPKR Rs: 400
YouTube Views HRHigh RetentionPKR Rs: 500
YouTube Views DesktopGreat for RankingPKR Rs: 650
YouTube LikesYouTube LikesPKR Rs: 1900
YouTube Views USAUSA OnlyPKR Rs: 800
YouTube Views RussiaRussia OnlyPKR Rs: 600
YouTube Views IndiaIndia OnlyPKR Rs: 600
YouTube Views GermanyGermany OnlyPKR Rs: 600
YouTube Views ItalyItaly OnlyPKR Rs: 600
YouTube Views PolandPoland OnlyPKR Rs: 600
YouTube Views FranceFrance OnlyPKR Rs: 600
YouTube Views UKUK OnlyPKR Rs: 600
Google PlusFollowers/CirclesPKR Rs: 4000
DailyMotion ViewsDailyMotion ViewsPKR Rs: 800
Soundcloud FollowersSoundcloud FollowersPKR Rs: 1500
Soundcloud PlaysSoundcloud PlaysPKR Rs: 400
Soundcloud DownloadsSoundcloud DownloadsPKR Rs: 400
Soundcloud LikesSoundcloud LikesPKR Rs: 1200
Tumblr FollowersTumblr FollowersPKR Rs: 2600
Tumblr LikesTumblr LikesPKR Rs: 2600
Tumblr ReblogsTumblr ReblogsPKR Rs: 2600
Vimeo ViewsVimeo ViewsPKR Rs: 600
Vimeo LikesVimeo LikesPKR Rs: 1700
Shazam FollowersShazam FollowersPKR Rs: 2700
Shazam LikesShazam LikesPKR Rs: 2700
SnapChat FollowersInternationalPKR Rs: 5000
Spotify FollowersInternationPKR Rs: 2400

Why Buy?

It is laughing moment when you own a Facebook page with less than 1000 likes, so you need to purchase some likes to increase shares of your post.
You can also buy Facebook photo likes as a gift for friend or someone else, it will be big surprise for him/her


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  • You can also buy web hosting and domain name for detail Please SMS Us
  • We are also providing verification page for Facebook and Instagram, Price is too high please only avail if you are star or own a company
  • We accept Credit Card, Payoneer and Paypal, If you are from Pakistan you can pay with Easypaisa, jazz cash or from local bank