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Mrs.‏ Azra Sabir Khan MPA Of Gujranwala Contact Number And History

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Mrs.‏ Azra Sabir Khan belongs to Ghulam Sabir Khan (Late) family. The Ghulam Sabir Khan (Late) family belongs to one of the respectful and honest families in the Gujranwala. The person is a member of Punjab provisional assembly. The Punjab provisional assembly has many members from Gujranwala, But Mrs.‏ Azra Sabir Khan is famous Personality in this area.

Mrs.‏ Azra Sabir Khan
Mrs.‏ Azra Sabir Khan

Mrs.‏ Azra Sabir Khan was born on born on January 1, 1945 in Lahore. The person is very attractive and active personality in Gujranwala. If you are belongs to Mrs.‏ Azra Sabir Khan area and you are finding Contact detail, you can contact this person by using Email address, Which is: w330@pap.gov.pk. If you are not receiving reply on email, you can also meet this member of Punjab provisional assembly at : 7/A, Satellite Town, Gujranwala.

Mrs.‏ Azra Sabir Khan is also a member of Planning & Development department and belongs to Pakistan Muslim League (Nawaz) Political Party. This person started Election compaign in W-330 and successfully won the Election in 2013.

More Detail About Mrs.‏ Azra Sabir Khan Included Phone Number And History 


Mrs Azra Sabir Khan wife of Mr Ghulam Sabir Khan was born in Lahore on January 1, 1945 and is an Intermediate. She served as Councillor during 1980 99 for five successive periods; as Member, Advisory Board Dar-ul-Aman during 1985-2002; as Member, Advisory Board Sanat Zar during 1990-2002; and as Member, Zakat & Ushr Committee Gujranwala during 200913. She’s been elected as Member, Provincial Assembly of the Punjab in general elections 2013 against among the seats reserved for girls. She’s travelled to UK, USA and Saudi Arabia. Her brother in law, Mr Ghulam Dastgir Khan was Federal Minister during 1981 85; and her nephew, Mr Khuram Dastgir Khan served as

Little More Detail

Official Seat Member: Planning & Development
Study And Degree F.A
Political Party Pakistan Muslim League (N)
Electronic Mail w330@pap.gov.pk
Dad or Husband Name Ghulam Sabir Khan (Late)
Children 8
Birth Date 1945-01-01
City in which born Lahore
Permanent Address 7/A, Satellite Town, Gujranwala.
Personal Number:
055-3288695 (Phone), 0300-7452002 (Mob)


Out of Country Visits Detail

Country Reason For Visit Time
Saudi Arabia Hajj 2005
United Kingdom Private Tour 2012
United States Private Tour 2011, 2013


History of Previous Government Positions

Official Body Post Time
Local Government Councilor 1980-1985, 1985-1990, 1990-1993, 1993-1997, 1997-1999


Other Powerful Relatives

Relationship Name Parliament Period
Brother-in-Law Ghulam Dastagir Khan, Federal Minister Provincial Assembly of the Punjab 1981-1985
Brother-in-Law Ghulam Dastagir Khan, Mayor Local Government 1997-1999
Nephew Khurram Dastgir Khan, State Minister / Federal Minister for Commerce National Assembly of Pakistan 2008-2013, 2013-till date


Minister of State during 200813; and is a sitting MNA and is functioning as Federal Minister for Commerce.



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