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Mobilink Jazz Postpaid Packages J 300, J 600, and J999

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Mobilink Jazz is providing Mobilink Jazz Postpaid Packages with reasonable price. Mobilink Jazz is a number one network in Pakistan, it is in 1st position with millions of customer. Now, Warid also part of this network.

Mobilink Jazz Postpaid Packages
Mobilink Jazz Postpaid Packages

Previously we discussed Jazz call packages, Jazz SMS packages, and Jazz Internet Packages. Remember in mind that these all packages belong to Jazz prepaid Packages. Now, let’s discuss Jazz Postpaid Packages.

Here is a list of Mobilink Jazz Postpaid Packages:

  1. J300 in Just Rs. 300
  2. J600 in Just Rs. 600
  3. J999 in Just Rs. 999


Mobilink Jazz Postpaid packages J300

Mobilink Jazz is providing Jazz J300 for people who call hourly with friends and family, in Rs 300 you will get free unlimited minutes. Here is a complete detail:

 Line Rent  Rs. 300 (Excl. Tax)
 On-Net Minutes  Unlimited * Jazz + Warid
 Off-Net Minutes  150 Minutes
 Data  500 MB
 SMS  150


Mobilink Jazz Postpaid Package J600

Mobilink Jazz Postpaid Package J600 is providing 1 GB of the internet along unlimited Mobilink call in just Rs. 600, Here is a detail of Mobilink Jazz Postpaid Package:

 Line Rent  Rs. 600 (Excl. Tax)
 On-Net Minutes  Unlimited* Jazz + Warid
 Off-Net Minutes  300 Minutes
 Data  1 GB
 SMS  300 SMS


Mobilink Jazz Postpaid Package J999

Mobilink Jazz j999 is a premium package and with high-end Data and SMS, You will get 2 GB with 1000 SMS, Below are detail of Mobilink Jazz postpaid Package:

 Line Rent  Rs. 999 (Excl. Tax)
 On-Net Minutes Unlimited* Jazz + Warid
 Off-Net Minutes 500 Minutes
 Data  2 GB
 SMS  1000 SMS


  • After consuming free SMS, 0.75/SMS will be charged
  • After consuming free minutes 1.50/Min will be charged
  • For CTA just Dial 777 or 321
  • Get bill detail by just dialing Dial *1111#
  • Get Internet Bundle details by Dialing *446#
  • Taxes will also apply to rates shown above
  • Itemized billing charges is 50 RS per month
  • Security deposit is Rs. 1500
  • Bill summary charges will be charge Rs. 25+tax
  • 19.5% FED applies on usage in Punjab, Baluchistan, and Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, 19% FED applies on usage in Sindh (Karachi etc) and 18.5% FED applies on usage in rest of Pakistan.
  • Current postpaid individual customers can change their package by just dialing 777

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