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Khatoon Bibi MPA of WR-21 Net Worth, Contact number And Biography

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Khatoon Bibi is a Member of Provincial Assembly Khyber Pakhtunkhwa from WR-21. Khyber Pakhtunkhwa is a Province of Pakistan.

Khatoon Bibi


Khatoon Bibi History, Home Address, Mobile number, Net worth, Education, And Biography is Given Below:


Cabinet Post

Cabinet Post: Parliamentary Secretary

Department: Health

Basic Info

Name of MPA: Khatoon Bibi

Religious Belonging: Islam

Political Career Info

Seat Class: Reserved Seats – Women(Other Women Reserved Seats MPAs)(Other Women MPAs of Same Party)

Political Party Affiliation: Pakistan Tehrek Insaf (Others MPA from Same Party)

Official Constituency: WR-21

Personal Contact Info

Constant Personal Contact: Gharib Abad, Gohati, Swabi. Res:  0938-530399 Cell:  0313-9442128/0300-9176803

Academic Information



Business Class Career

Business Class Politician


 Net Worth: Not Specified

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