The Real Story Of Kashmiri, Farooq Ahmad Dar Was A Stone Pelter?

A man who was come to cast his vote in the polling booth, he followed all rules and cast his vote between 8 am to 9 am. he did not break any law nor he misbehaves with any officer of the polling booth. When he come out, Old women told this man that he should run away. This man said that I did not do anything wrong why should I flee away. The old women said that the Indian Army is coming, he will not listen to anything, But this man refused to do so.

India in Kashmir, Farooq ahmad Dar story
Farooq Ahmad Dar story

The Indian Army came and started beating this man, he said that what I did? he also showed his finger signature that he has just cast his vote, but according to this women, they did not listen to anything the Gogoi’s men beat him. This man was Farooq Ahmad Dar.

He requested many times that he did not do anything but Major Gogoi not listened to anything. “Beat him with stones, Gogoi” Gogoi to people who were around him, but people refused to do so. Major Gogoi with his fellow’s a bend him on jeep bonnet and started Driving. The roads of Kashmir is not smooth because it is located on mountains. With Hard and snaked ways the jeep was running, Indian army did not care how hard Farooq Ahmad Dar is feeling. The jeep went through Ganipora, Hayatpora, and Sonpa. When Jeep arrived at Najan, His brother received a call from a local, he says ” Save your brother, he is about to die, the jeep is going through Najan”.

While reading this article keep in mind that these villages are not involved in any stone pelting. In Najan, When local people saw this scene, they came out as a protest. Villagers say that they pleaded Indian Army to let him go, But as usually, they did not listen to anything. The school was on vacation due to voting, Many children were playing on roads when the Jeep with a man tighten on bonnet arrived. The children were scared and can’t sleep all night local parents claimed.

A man who was tightened to Jeep bonnet was crying badly and about to die from thirst and heat. Many People pleaded Major Gogoi at least open rope and offer some water to him, but he refused to do so. The condition of Farooq Ahmad Dar was very bad even children and weak hearted people closed their eyes because of his pain.

About 3 Pm this jeep gone through other villages, the villagers said:  “we thought that a dead body is bent on Jeep bonnet”. At 4 pm the jeep reached to Hardpanzoo. The terrible journey ended here. According to Farooq Ahmad Dar, he was untied from the jeep and again tighten with the tree. The Farooq Ahmad brother with some other people reached there and they let him go.

According to Major Gogoi statement, he said “We use Farooq Ahmad Dar as a shield” because people there was throwing the stone toward them”. First Thing it is not the true statement. If we think for a minute that Major Gogoi is telling true, some question will come in our mind, Which is

  • Can we use an ordinary citizen as a Human shield?
  • If he was in the group of stone melting people, how Major Gogoi captured him from a large number of protester?
  • There is no report about any misbehave or stone melting in these villages
  • All local peoples from different villages are giving the same statement that Farooq was innocent

Here is the link to video in which eyewitness is saying that there is no stone melting in this village Eyewitness Interview

It is very hard to sit on seats on the jeep on Kashmir roads, how much hard he felt when he was on jeep bonnet bend with tightening ropes?
Do you Know that how much hot jeep bonnet when the engine runs? It is very hard to touch the jeep bonnet, how he felt?

According to Indian sources, the Jeep ran five hours, across 17 villages over 28km. An innocent man tighten on hot jeep bonnet with ropes for up to 5 hours, he was barging for water but they do not offer water. The news goes viral on the internet and on news channel but Indian government did not take any action instead off punishment, The government gives the award to Major Gogoi.

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