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DP 11411 FLORESTA VERA Payoneer Email Scam

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Yesterday I obtained this e-mail from Payoneer that captured my attention. It’s basically just what it claims there, they detected an unauthorized charge and they obstructed the card. I miss it since mine just has it linked to PayPal and also the fact seemed that I duplicated it possibly in some ATM.

DP 11411 FLORESTA VERA Payoneer
DP 11411 FLORESTA VERA Payoneer

I determined to look Google for the post” DP 11411 FLORESTA VERA” and also located other individuals with the exact same trouble, individuals from numerous nations in the authorities and also informal Payoneer discussion forums, consisting of individuals from Arab nations. From my card they can not take loan but I saw other individuals that yes although certainly Payoneer helps them to do the chargeback.

Investigate and it appears that the” DP 11411 FLORESTA VERA” is a local of Domino’s Pizza in Floresta, Veracruz, Mexico. In fact, an additional customer who in a Payoneer online forum connected with the support also validated that it remained in Mexico.

As everything appears rather odd and I imagine there are other individuals affected, I make the subject to ensure that it appears on Google and other people who can have more data cooperate to know where our cards were broken. The weirdest thing for me is just how people from various nations in the world had actually the cloned card and all went to that very same place.

If there is additionally an afflicted Mexican there would be interesting to figure out who is utilizing the Domino’s Pizza POS because location to pack the cards with deals, envision a staff member as they are purchases of greater than $ 1000 USD (that acquires pizza for that amount? ).


The email was: Dear , We are sorry to inform you that your Payoneer Prepaid MasterCardĀ® was charged by DP 11411 FLORESTA VERA on Dec 8 2017 5:11PM without your permission. In order to keep your funds secure, we have disabled your card. To receive a new card, please reply to this email and request to have a new card shipped to you. We ask that you please review all of the other transactions made from your card to make sure they were made with your permission. To see the transactions on your card, please log in to Payoneer. We apologize for the inconvenience. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us. Sincerely,The Payoneer Team.

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